My name is Jerrett Bellamy and I’m the guy that has made the art pieces you see on this website. I’ve been riding and racing bicycles and motorcycles nearly all my life. It started with BMX and progressed to freeride mountain biking, cross country offroad motorcycling, supermoto, flat track and some trials. The inspiration for the art work came from the inevitable crashes and resultant broken bike parts. Like my Dad, I tend not to throw much away so I collected a number of broken parts and one day I put some of them together inside of a bent rim as a small wall hanging. This got the gears turning inside my head and also seeing what others have done with upcycled bike parts I thought, “I can make stuff like that.” So it hit up some of the bike shops I deal with and raided their metal scrap bins for a better supply and selection of old parts and here I am today. My day job is a Mechanical Engineer so I've always been fascinated with how things work and that drew me to really liking the aesthetic of gears, chains and mechanical parts. Making art from these pieces was a natural fit and a really enjoyable creative outlet. All pieces are made in the garage of my family’s home in Ayr, Ontario.