Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The 1st Brake Lever Lamp

I just noticed I never published this blog post from early 2015... This was the first bicycle brake lever lamp I ever made. This one isn't for sale and is on my bed side table currently. The brake lever is off of my Norco 125 dirt jump bike and has a lot of history to me. The grip is a lock on type with custom Martin's Bike Shop laser etched clamp rings. If you look close the design/ construction has been improved some since this one.

Throttle Lamp #7 & 8

 More throttle lamps!
These were made for my good buddy Jesse. He rides a 250 KTM - hence the orange grip. The one with the black grip is a present for his uncle. They both have the sprocket, brake rotor & transmission gear base. The orange one also has 2 transmission gears on the lamp shaft.

Jesse jumping the pit bike off the side of one of his trees. We had a fun ride at his place last weekend when I dropped off the lamps

Throttle Lamp #6

Wow, I've made 6 throttle lamps now...
This one is fairly simple. Throttle mechanism actuates the lamp on/off. The base is a brake rotor, sprocket and 2 transmission gears. Also features a black grip with a simple lamp shaft and the signature spark plug shade finial

Nut Bowls!

These bows are NUTS!
I stopped in at a locat thrift store recently and found some large metal mixing bowls and thought they would be perfect to use to make decorative bowls. I started with metal nuts and tacked them together inside the bowls. I have bowls to make 7", 9", 11", 1-1/2" diameter sizes. Head over to the etsy shop to buy the bowls.
The 3 bowls pictured weighed 14.5 lbs and were made of roughly 600 nuts!
I'm also thinking of making more bowls out of washers, chain pieces and more...

Bicycle Brake Lever Lamp with Crank and Pedal

This version has a vintage crank arm and pedal base, black grip and lever and a small cassette sprocket lamp shade finial. The lever actuates the lamp socket on/off.
This lamp has already sold. If interested use the contact form on the right side to inquire about a new one.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Throttle Lamp: Yamaha Clutch Cover Base

Here is the latest throttle lamp. I changed it up a bit on this one. At a recent trip to Zdeno Cycle looking for new parts I came across this Yamaha clutch cover that I believe is off of a YZ 125/250. I thought it would make a good base for a throttle lamp. The lamp post mounts out of the kick start shaft hole. The case has a nice worn patina to it. The lamp post has clutch plates welded on resembling a sphere.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sprocket Wall Piece

I finished up my 2nd sprocket wall piece recently. This one is a little larger than the last one at 44" x 22" and the design is a little bit more open. These are fun to make laying out the sprockets so that the teeth line  up and tack welding them together. The sprockets are raw metal with clear coat and the border/ frame is 3/4" angle painted black. There are washers welded to each corner for mounting so you could put it up horizontally or vertically.