Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Revzilla Employee Years of Service Awards

I recently finished up my biggest job yet: 55 awards for Revzilla emplyoee's years of service.
Revzilla is a HUGE online motorcycle parts and accessories retailer based out of Philadelphia, PA.

Initial concept hand sketch

SolidWorks 3d CAD concept model

 Revzilla initially contacted my over a year ago to inquire about making some moto themed awards for them. I think they actually found my work through Pinterest... We went back and forth with a couple ideas and at first I didn't get the job. They had another artist more local to them. As it turns out this artist wasn't reliable and they came back to me. This time around we tweaked the design a lot more as they had a better idea of what they wanted. I came up with a concept based around 1/2 of a motorcycle brake rotor and some add on year indicators to display the number of years of service. The year indicators were laser cut stainless steel. I had an idea to mount the year indicators using magnets to make it easy to add and move the indicators. I modeled up a concept in SolidWorks for initial verification then sent a sample to the office in Philadelphia.

Here is the sample. It didn't have the stainless year indicators as they were pretty expensive as one offs. Steel plate for the profile and printed paper to show the year markings sufficed... We changed the year increments from 4 years to 5 and began 'production'
No year indicator

5 years indicator

5 & 10 years indicators

The awards have space for 25 years of service!

Here are some pics from the Revzilla event where the awards were handed out. It sure looks like they have a good time. I love the orange hats and printed suit shirts!