Sunday, August 23, 2015

Throttle Lamp

Here is my Throttle Lamp. This is the piece I'm most proud of so far. It uses a motorcycle throttle assembly to turn the light on/ off. It has been a number of months in the making and a few different iterations to get it right. There is a spring worked into the cable system so that the throttle snaps back just like on a real motorcycle. The pulley wheel at the top is to change the direction of pull from up - down to side - side like the pull string light socket uses and it minimizes the force required to activate the switch. The lamp base is made of 4 motorcycle transmission gears. The cord is a vintage style black twisted pair fabric covered wire and the length can be specified.

These lamps will be available as custom order only and the design of the base will be subject to what parts I currently have available. Prices will start at $250. To order either use the contact form on the right or start with a $100 deposit below.

Throttle Lamp Order